Renaming a Domain in Windows Server 2003

Many people are asking how to perform a domain rename using Windows Server 2003. So I want to list the major points of a domain rename together with the links you need to perform the rename.

The major points for domain rename are

And last but not least:

Here are the links:

Windows Server 2003 Domain Rename Tools

Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Domain Rename

Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Domain Rename Tools

Exchange 2003 in the Forest?

If Exchange 2003 is in the Forest you need additional to follow antother KB and use the Exchange Fixup-Tools:

842116 Supplemental steps for using the Exchange Server Domain Rename Fixup tool together with the Windows Server 2003 domain rename tools

Exchange Server Domain Rename Fixup (XDR-Fixup)

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